Hyman Marks Trust assists Christchurch residents experiencing financial hardship. Our focus is on meeting needs of health and warmth unable to be met elsewhere.



Canterbury individuals and families experiencing financial hardship who have limited access to basic necessities, in particular those needs of health and warmth.
The Trust will consider applications for assistance with home heating and health needs (including dental assistance) where all other avenues of financial assistance have been explored. The Trust will not provide funding for electronic devices required by schools or funding of educational assessments. The Trust does not make grants for purchasing bedding or clothing.


The Trustees will consider service projects bought to their attention from time to time with a view to making a special grant if the support being provided is for those within the Trusts terms of reference i.e. people within Christchurch experiencing issues of health and warmth with no other funding available. Projects with a focus on being self sustaining or proactive in addressing client needs are especially welcomed. Projects to be bought to the trustees attention should be emailed to the secretary at


The winter warmer program is available from may to September. Grants are made to assist with needs of health and warmth, with a focus on providing assistance with high power billls and the making of firewood grants. The trust does not make grants for the purchase of clothing or bedding.